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Founded in 1885, Hattemer delivers the highest academic standards in the most individualized way to all kids, based on the Hattemer Methodology.






  • Largest for-profit non subsidized school in France,
  • Private, secular, focused on excellence,
  • Three locations totaling 3,500 m2 in Paris (VIII’, IX’ and XVI’) + 1 location central London (Crawford Street),
  • 815 students per year,
  • Very high level academic standard refined since more than 100 years, and up to date in all advanced fields,
  • Multiple business lines : from preschool to college, distant learning, gifted child special program,
  • Online learning since 1930 with Hattemer Academylogo-hattemer-academy
  • Fully copyrighted teaching method/cursus for all grades,

Livres de français

  • A team of 80 including highly skilled and motivated teachers,
  • Prestigious alumni including Presidents, Ministers, CEO’s, writers,…Jacques Chirac, Jean Paul Sartre, Françoise Sagan, Jean d’Ormesson, Claude Cheysson, Empror Bao Dai, Karim Aga Khan, Etienne Dailly, Bernard Debré, Rainier de Monaco, Edouard de Rothschild, and many others….
  • Hattemer was bought by Groupe Hattemer (3 partners) in January 2012 : Jean Schmitt, Chairman Groupe Hattemer, Pierre Lansonneur, Groupe Hattemer CEO and Philippe Sereys de Rothschild, President of Fondation Hattemer and Board Member.


Key assets

  • A long track record of excellence with famous alumni,
  • A strong brand,
  • A proven teaching method online and off line,
  • A complete set of teaching books at all levels under Hattemer’s own brand,
  • A strong team of teachers,
  • A seasoned management team.


English Initiation
Intensive English programs
Musical awakening (Optional)
Abacus use
Mental math
Syllabic Method
Daily dications
Weekly oral questioning « Grand Cours »
Intensive English programs (optional)
Latin compulsory
Greek Hightly recommended
English bilingual section
European option
Foreign language:
– German
– Spanish
– Italian
– Russian
– Chinese
General Series:
– S (Scientific)
– ES (Economic & Social)
– L (Literature)
Technological Series:
– STD2A (Applied Arts & Design)
– STMG (marketing)
Individual Follow-up
English bilingual section
European option
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