Introduction to Hattemer

Founded in 1885, Hattemer delivers the highest academic standards in the most individualized way to all children, based on the Hattemer methodology:

  • Largest for-profit non subsidized school in France
  • Private, secular, focused on excellence
  • Three locations totaling 3,500 m2 in Paris (VIII’, IX’ and XVI’) + 1 location in central London (Crawford Street)
  • 815 students per year
  • Very high level academic standards since more than 100 years ago, and up to date in all advanced fields
  • Multiple business lines: from preschool to college, distant learning, precocious child program
  • Home-schooling since 1930 with Hattemer Academy
  • Fully copyrighted teaching method/cursus for all grades
  • A team of 80 including highly skilled and motivated teachers
  • Prestigious alumni including presidents, ministers, CEO’s, writers,…Jacques Chirac, Jean-Paul Sartre, Françoise Sagan, Jean d’Ormesson, Claude Cheysson, Empror Bao Dai, Karim Aga Khan, Etienne Dailly, Bernard Debré, Rainier de Monaco, Edouard de Rothschild, and many others….
  • Hattemer was bought by NACE Schools in October 2017


Key assets

  • A long track record of excellence with famous alumni
  • A strong brand
  • A proven teaching method online and off line
  • A complete set of teaching books at all levels under Hattemer’s own brand
  • A strong team of teachers
  • A seasoned management team


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